Some pictures around the farm of our friendly and beautiful flock.

We offer our friendly and beautiful Royal Palm Turkeys throughout the spring and summer months.  This breed of turkey is perfect for a hobby farm, as pets or for show, and for smaller table turkeys.

We typically let them brood naturally which we believe makes for healthier and more calm chicks, but we can also incubate for specific hatch times.  Royal Palms make excellent mothers, and will go broody regularly if allowed to do so.  Our hens lay for us year round, and we find the eggs to be delicious!  They're much larger than chicken eggs with a harder shell, but make for excellent breakfast eggs or to bake and cook with.

We have several beautiful toms with great personalities, and they're so tame you can even pick them up and pet them!  They breed naturally, so you can purchase you own toms and hens and start your own flock if you desire.

Royal Palms are a medium-sized turkey, much smaller than the large "butterball" turkeys that most are used to.  The hens dress out at 12-15 lbs, and the males at 15-20.  They take longer to mature as well, as they are a heritage breed.  We raise our turkeys on pasture and oats, and supplement with organic veggies out of the garden.   They are allowed to free-range and forage for most of their food during the warmer months.  Turkeys make excellent bug/pest managers if allowed to forage around the yard or garden! They overwinter very well, are a very hardy breed, and if given proper light conditions they will produce eggs throughout the winter months.

We will post here when chicks are available, if you would like to reserve chicks please contact us with the amount you want and desired hatching time and we will do our best to fufill your needs at 715-701-0713 or by emailing us at  We also occasionally have adults available, and will list them here as well.

2017 PRICES:

Just hatched chicks (up to 1 week old): $10.00

Pullets/Jakes (2 weeks to feathered): $16.00

Young turkeys (feathered to 5 months): $25.00

Hens: $47.00

Toms: $42.00

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Meet our beautiful Royal Palm Turkeys!