It's All Good Farm

A Home For Rescued Farm Animals

Meet "Bullwinkle" our rescued Huacaya Alpaca

He's kind of our 'mascot' for rescues around here on the farm.  He was severely neglected, came to us 40 lbs underweight, his teeth were in terrible need of fixing, and he had never had his feet trimmed.  Worst yet, he had been sheared in winter - and was living farther north than we do! 

We drove 4.5 hours to get him, and were told he was mean and 'good luck'.  As usual he couldn't be a nicer animal, I often think animals know when you're going to treat them well, and that they're now 'safe'.

Needless to say he needed serious TLC, and he certainly got it here!  We're happy to say he's now extremely healthy  and happy in every way. 

He has his forever home here on the farm. 

Our vet estimated him around 13-15 years old when we got him, and I believe he deserves to live out his life without any worries at all. 

As you can see he's a big fan of carrots and other veggie treats.  And he LOVES babies, he will 'coo' at any of the babies born on the farm, and watches over them like a protective uncle. :)

We're Teaming Up with GO FUND ME to raise money for two new barns and to expand our fencing in order to take more animals in.

We've found ourselves almost always at capacity for space when it comes to the rescue portion of our farm, and we would like to be able to not have to turn away any animal in need.

Please visit our GO FUND ME page at:

If you would like to donate to our cause - the animals (and us humans) will certainly thank you!  As always if you have or know of an animal who is in need of rescue please contact us and we will help in any way we can.  Thank you!

Unfortunately there is a never-ending supply of neglected or unwanted farm animals.  Too often people buy them as babies or as a novelty and then when they get big and become work to take care of they're either neglected or mistreated, or worse yet used as bait for dog fights, etc.  Please remember, many farm animals can live for a very long time - 20+ years!   They are a commitment just like adopting a cat or a dog into your family.  Please, please, please, do your homework before bringing any animal into your family, make sure it's right for your situation and have a plan if your situation changes.   We believe that farm critters can be just as awesome and as love-able as any dog or cat and deserve a second chance!

We are NOT a non-profit, humane society type organization, but we do take in rescues quite often.  When possible we will bring them back to health and then find them loving new homes, otherwise they just end up becoming part of our forever family.

We will take in animals provided we have the space/time/resources to care for them.  Often times we get asked if we accept donations for this, we do - but please know that you can not deduct this from your taxes, and that anything given will of course be put towards the care of one of our rescues.  In doing so, you can choose an animal you wish to sponsor.  If you wish you can be emailed pics and updates each month, and even come visit an animal you choose to sponsor.  We truly appreciate any help given as we really do finance the majority of this part of our farm out of our own pockets and any help is a big help as it allows us to care for more rescue animals than we can do on our own!

If you know of an animal that is in need of rescue, or have an animal you can no longer care for, please contact us and we will try to help.  To answer just a few common questions/scenarios:  


*No, we cannot come take your neighbors underweight cow etc.  unless you have control/posession of the animal we can't help, call your local humane officer.

*No we do not take in wild animals, we will give you the number of a place that does when you call.

*No, you may not just "drop off" an animal at our farm, anyone abandoning an animal here will be caught on camera and handled accordingly, although we will take care of any animal found abandoned.

What types of animals will we take in?

All mini-stock






cattle - NO BULLS




If you are looking to 'adopt' a farm critter let us know!  We may have one to fit your needs, if we have any available that are ready for a new loving forever home we will post a pic and a short bio on this page. 

CONTACT US for more info:  715-701-0713 or

*As of March 2017 all animals available for new homes have been placed, THANK YOU!!!