What's in and on your food?!

Everyone these days is concerned about GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, and rightly so!!  It's a surprise to many people now that not that long ago ALL of our food was grown organically.  That's right, every single bit of everything that went onto your plate and in your body in the not-too-distant past would have been organic and healthy, and you wouldn't have had to pay more for it, or go searching for it.

I could jump up on my soapbox and preach to you all the causes and consequences of our "new and better" agriculture culture, but I will skip that and head straight for the solution:

Heritage, heirloom, sustainable, simply put: back to the basics!

The basis of this is simply working WITH nature instead of against it.  I've found that mother nature really knows her stuff, and even our 'good' intentions can have serious negative consequences.  So the best thing for running a farm is to keep it simple!

That said, we are keen on working with the natural order of things around here when it comes to our produce.

We are NOT certified organic, and we never will beHow silly is it that we have to certify ourselves in order to say we do things without chemicals!  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  We choose not to because of many reasons, not the least of which is the cost, which we would then have to pass onto you - ever wonder why those organic veggies in the grocery store cost so much more?  When a farm has to pay fees they end up recouping those costs by tacking them onto their products.  We prefer to keep our prices low, and keep ourselves very transparent to you, our customer, not to some government stiff with a clipboard.

You will see listed on this page every product we use to grow our vegetables and herbs...don't worry, it's a REALLY short list!  It starts with organic seeds and seed starting mix, a little organic fertilizer and some compost from right here on the farm, and if we do get some nasty pests or problems we've found that NEEM oil takes care of everything but is kind to the good bugs too

Really, it's that simple, because we know if you only put good in, you only get good out, and around here,"It's All Good". :)

Produce available beginning in late spring each year.  We will have a list here of available produce during the growing season, available for pick-up or delivery.  Delivery schedule will be posted here.

Our list of "ingredients"

  • Organic Seeds, saved by us or bought as certified organic.
  • Organic seed starting mix, and organic potting soil.
  • Jobes (TM) organic vegetable and tomato fertilizers.
  • Organic blood meal and bone meal as soil amendments.
  • Lime (if needed for soil PH)
  • Compost (made here on the farm) and worm casings/tea (made here on the farm)
  • Manure from our animals - we feed them the same good foods, so they make nice healthy and organic fertilizer for us!
  • NEEM oil, used for everything bad - molds, mildews, bugs, you name it (it's our go-to!)

Why Raised Beds?

We choose to use raised beds as we've found them to be the best method for many wonderful reasons, to list a few of the major ones:

  •  We don't ever till our beds, we only work up the top couple inches, which means all the wonderful fungi, nematodes, and the extremely complex living system that makes up what most of us refer to as 'dirt' stays intact, which means healthier plants, and a fully intact underground ecosystem.
  • We can rotate our crops and do companion plantings much easier this way, and plan ahead using our bed chart.
  • Our pathways and work-ways are mulched and stay weed free without needing to be tilled or use any herbicides, which makes for wonderful habitats for beneficial critters like frogs, toads, snakes, and the like.

It's All Good Farm