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Welcome to our mini-cattle page!  We are proud to offer quality mid-size mini Highland cattle, mini Zebu, and mini Herefords.  All of our cattle are long-lived, and we put care and effort into each one so that we can provide healthy, sweet tempered cattle that will provide many years of companionship, breeding, and enjoyment for you!


Our Highlands are bred based on temperament first, along with confirmation and breed standard. 

Originally Highland cattle (old-world Scottish stock) were bred to be small!  Their inclusion into the main-stream beef market caused them to be bred up to the larger sizes you see now in order to compete with larger beefers on the market.  We have selectively bred registered and unregistered stock that continually produces under 48" at maturity to provide consistently mini to mid-size mini adorable and sweet Highlands for your farm, hobby farm, breeding program, or just for the most unique and awesome barnyard pet.  These Highlands require less space than their larger counterparts - but still retain all the hardiness and ease of care that they are known for.  We offer a variety of colors, and both registered breeding stock and pet quality calves and older stock for sale.

These cattle will make excellent pets, beefers, and are long-lived, with cows producing well into their teens - which make a quality Highland a great investment for many years to come!

They also make functional milkers with their dual-purpose heritage producing enough for the average family each day.  That's right, originally Highlanders were used as a dual-purpose milk/beef cow, and we include good utters into our breeding management program as well.

For Example:   I'll never forget a few years back when my full size (1800 lb) champion Highlander "Fancy" gave birth, and the vet came to check her clean-out.  I grabbed a bucket of oats, put her halter on and tied her off, and then proceeded to strip her teats as the vet was arm-deep in her birth canal while she stood still munching her bucket of oats - (if that doesn't speak to their temperament and ease of working, I don't know what does! :)

Great breeding and care make a huge difference! We take pride in all of our calves!  All of our cattle are halter trained, trained for brushing, hoof lifting, and being touched everywhere which makes for a super tame easy to work with animal.  We even successfully trained one of our heifers to ride (see the pic below).   So if you're looking for the perfect addition to your small - or large - farm, breeding program, or for the most amazing pet you've ever owned, we encourage you to give us a call!  We're happy to share information on the breeds, and help you with any questions you may have. 

Our sweet little Zebu bull "Little Big Shot "

Our "Little Big Shot" next to my daughter Erin who is under 5' tall!  He's super tiny!


We have an awecsome micro-mini Painted Zebu bull for sale.  He would be perfect for a petting zoo or for a hobby farm pet, and would be an excellent sire with his sweet temperament and flashy coloring.

He's just 36" tall, full grown at 2.5 years old and halter broke.  Very tame and very easy to work with.

Asking $1000 obo.

Call us at 715-701-0713 or email today to schedule a time to come see this awesome little guy.  (Delivery available anywhere for just cost of gas.)

  Mini Highland Cattle

Winter doesn't bother these hardy cattle!  All you need for year-round comfort is a 3-sided lean-to type building to provide a wind break in the winter, and shade in the summer.  


Our Highland Bull:

"Little Jack Frost"

One of our mini Highland cows "Norma" at a year and a half old.

A brand new mini Highland calf!

You  can really see their small size next to these chickens!



We are SOLD OUT of our 2017 calves for this year. 

We will have Highland calves beginning in late February through May of 2018.  These Highlands will mature between 38-40" at 3 years. 

If you would like to reserve a calf contact us using the information below. 

We will update the number of calves available here until all reservations are filled.  Deposits to hold calves are $500 - first come first serve.
All calves will have all vet/health work done, be neutered if required, weaned, and halter trained/super tame before going to their new homes. 

**(Deposits are refundable of course if we are unable to provide you with the sex of calf you desire or for any circumstance where we are unable to provide the calf to you.)

Contact us at  715-701-0713 or to reserve your new awesome Highland!

Some photos of our sweet Highlanders!

This is our awesome little "Norma" at 2 years old, enjoying being trained to ride with the help of some tasty carrots.