Welcome to our Mini Donkey page!  Let me start by saying we absolutely LOVE our donkeys!  They are so adorable, sweet, funny, and some of my most favorite animals on the farm.  We have a small herd, and breed just once a year - with a break for our girls between, so foals are very limited but worth the wait!

We also rescue donkeys in need of better care - so if you know of a donkey in need of a loving forever home please contact us and we will be happy to give them one where they can live our their lives just being happy donkeys.

Owning a donkey is a real treat - and our donkeys are extremely well socialized and perfect for a family pet, hobby farm, or any situation.  

Donkeys are long-lived and very social, forming tight long-lasting bonds with each-other or other pasture mates, so before deciding to purchase a donkey please do your research - or better yet, call or email us with questions, we're happy to help!

We have both spotted and gray donkeys currently and will be adding more colors as we go.

Our donkeys also make great livestock guardians!  We live in a place surrounded by all sorts of large predators and run our sheep out with our donkeys and have never had an incident of predation.  They consider our sheep "theirs" and will defend them relentlessly, yet they are still big snuggle bugs with us whenever we're out in pasture with them, it's the best of both worlds!  

2017 Foals:

For 2017 all donkeys have been sold, we have a wait list for 2018.

Three of them are sired by our spotted 2 year old mini-Jack "Clarence"

The Jennys are:

"Daisy", a 4 year old gray mini.

"Precious", a 3 year old spotted mini.


"Cutie", a 2 year old gray mini.

Two of them are sired by "Champion", a 4 year old spotted mini-Jack.

The Jennys are:

"Sassy", a 3 year old gray mini.


"Sugar", a 2 year old gray mini.

Foals will be born between May and June, and will be ready for their forever homes by winter/spring.  We do not like to remove foals from their moms too early as it makes for far more relaxed and secure-natured babies.  *All new owners will receive a care book with their new baby, and all foals will come with a halter and lead line and will be trained for basics, have coggins done, and all vet work completed before leaving for their new homes.

Prices for 2017 :

**All foals for 2017 have been sold, if you would like to reserve for 2018 please contact us .  Thank you!

Call us at 715-701-0713 or email iagfarm@yahoo.com for more information or to reserve your very own sweet mini Donkey!

Our sweet Jenny "Daisy"

It's All Good Farm

Adorable & Sweet Miniature Donkeys!

Our Jacks "Clarence" and "Storm"

They really are a couple of clowns!