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We get asked all the time, "What kind of animals do you have on your farm?"  The short answer:  ALL OF THEM!

Truly we have quite the menagerie here on our small farm, but we have made it our goal to focus primarily on Heritage Breeds and small breed stock suited for the homestead or hobby farm.

Why Heritage Breeds?  Well, because long before we had industrialized agriculture, we had selectively bred some pretty hardy and amazing breeds, that served more than one purpose and fit perfectly onto the family farm as great producers of flavorful meats, high quality goods, and great temperaments.

In that tradition, we've selected breeds that work well in our sometimes harsh North Woods climate, and that will produce healthy quality goods that we can provide to you and your family.

We are a member of the Livestock Conservancy, and several of our breeds are on the watch, endangered, or critically endangered lists.  Not only do we want to save these breeds, but we want to bring them to the attention of the public, so that their wonderful traits won't ever be lost to our future generations of farmers and homesteads.

We practice selective breeding, and have young livestock available on a seasonal basis that coincides with their natural breeding seasons.  Please check back soon as we add pages and browse through our different breed pages to see what's available currently and to learn more about these great heritage breeds!

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