If you'd like to purchase a piglet from one of our upcoming litters please call or email us for more information.

We breed twice a year and will have piglets in the spring and in late summer.

We will have one to two litters available yearly from our sows .  Please browse pictures of the parents below.  They all have amazing dispositions, and we will have piglets with and without wattles available, many bloodlines available.

Piglets will be weaned and ready for new homes 7-10 weeks after birth.  Updates and pics will be posted here as soon as they are born. 
If you want to reserve a boar or gilt please contact us.  A $150 deposit is required to hold a first-choice piglet of the sex/color you desire


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kune Kune pig!  We can't say enough wonderful things about this great little breed.  We fell in love with them, hence the reason we chose them for our farm.  From their easy-to-keep small size, to their smarts, to their amazingly gentle disposition, they are one of our very favorite animals on the farm.  I never pictured myself as a 'pig person', but they won my heart immediately, and never cease to amaze me how easy they are to work with.

To introduce you to the world of this cute little pig let's start with a little history about the breed itself.  The Kune Kune breed originates from New Zealand, and is considered a heritage breed.  They are believed to have originated from Asia and were brought to New Zealand around the 19th century.  By the 1980's only around 50 purebred Kune Kunes were believed to be alive!  Through hard work in conservation efforts for the breed today their numbers have rebounded and are doing well, no longer at risk for extinction.

They are the perfect breed for a novice pig owner, their small size and super-sweet temperaments make them a wonderful candidate for hobby farms and as pets.  They're very easy to train, and naturally take to 'litter box' training as they do NOT like to use the bathroom in their 'living' space.  Kunies are very smart, and will learn their names and can even be taught to do simple tricks - their intelligence is that of a dog - or smarter!  They're easy to feed, love veggies and will eat most anything without fussing.  Though they should NEVER be fed any type of 'table scrap' meats like pork, chicken, or beef etc, and it's important not to over-feed them as they will easily become obese which will lead to a host of health problems.  Pigs are all about food - and it can be used as a great teaching tool the same way as treats can be used to train a dog.

Kune Kunes will grow up until about age 2, males become fertile around 7-8 months and females can be bred at around a year old.  They grow to a max between 140-200 lbs, though some boars may reach 250.  They are a very healthy hearty pig, with few ailments or healthy issues. They over-winter very well, and have a heavy coat of fur compared to commercial pig breeds which makes them well suited to live in any climate. They stand around 20-24" tall at full grown and live for 15-20 years with some pigs living even longer!  They have small litters ranging from 4-6 piglets on average and make great mothers.  They will 'count' their babies, and lay down in stages so as to not squish the little guys.  They're very attentive and their sweet dispositions carry over onto motherhood also.

These pigs LOVE LOVE LOVE human company and affection!  They will literally lay there for hours for any type of petting, around here we play 'piggie dominos' - which consists of starting to scratch ones tummy and watching them fall over so they can get more.  If all three of them are together, they'll all three fall over for the loving, it always gives me a chuckle.  They are a safe pig to have around kids, but common-sense and care should be taken while feeding treats to prevent an accidental nip on a finger mistaken for food as pigs are very near-sighted and can't see what they're putting into their mouths.  Generally we've found our pigs to take their treats carefully as though they're making sure they don't accidentally get a finger instead.  Their snouts are extremely sensitive, and they use them like 'fingers' to search around for food.    

Kune Kunes are NOT dirty or smelly contrary to popular belief...they prefer to be warm and dry!  Unlike other pigs Kune Kunes rarely root, which means they don't tear up their pens or yards, another reason why we chose them since we use rotational grazing and didn't want our paddocks torn up.  They are a true pasture pig, and are quite content out grazing on fresh pasture which keeps their weight healthy and is a good diet for them in the warmer months when supplemented with some fruits and veggies.

While they make great pets, for those looking at a pig for meat production, they are great for this use as well.  Obviously you will get a much smaller carcass than a standard pig, but the flavor is outstanding, the meat is lean and tender, and they're great for a small family freezer.

If you're choosing a Kune Kune for a pet please realize that they can live for a very long time, and they have needs that differ from that of a conventional household pet.  Please call us and we will be more than happy to tell you all about the pros - and the cons - of pig ownership so that you can make a well informed decision as to whether a pig is right for your life or not.  We will be here for you before, during, AND after your pig purchase to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and for your Kune Kune!  If there ever comes a time where you can no longer care for your pig, we urge you to please call us so that we can discuss re-homing your pig.  We care about all of our animals and that extends to how their lives go even once they leave our farm.

One of our adorable little piglets born just 3 weeks ago!

"Natasha" - 2 year old sow

It's All Good Farm

   "Son of Bacon" at 2 years old

Kune Kune Pigs

  "Charlotte" at 2 years old

Upcoming Litters as of 5/10/17:


UPDATE:  Mildred is due within the next couple weeks.

We have gilts and boars available still from this litter, and we have a boar and gilt still available from Elizabeth's litter - both are black and white spotted with wattles.

All of our sows have amazingly sweet personalities as do our boars they all have very short snouts, and do not root at all.  We will have some great breeding quality and hobby farm/pet quality piglets out of these breeding's.

  Please call or email for pricing if interested in these great Kunies.  Once a litter is born we will call everyone on the wait list based on order of call date, and will send several pictures of the piglets, or you can come visit and pick out your new piglets in person!   All piglets are handled and well socialized from birth so they will be super friendly when they are ready for pick up.   We require a deposit to hold all pigs until pickup once selected.    We will post pics of any piglets not reserved yet here.

For reservations contact us at:

715-701-0713 or iagfarm@yahoo.com