Price List For 2017 Season:

We have the following breeds for this season, and will begin small hatchings in April.  If you are looking for a larger number of chicks or for a certain date please contact us to place an order.  Photos of each breed are shown below.



COCHINS: $6.00 EA.

SULTANS: $8.00 EA.





*We can typically determine sex by this time, if you get the wrong sex we will gladly replace it. :)

COCHINS:  $12.00 EA.

SULTANS: $14.00 EA.











Let me begin by saying chickens are some of the most entertaining animals to have around the farm!  I am not surprised at all by the growing interest even people in the cities are having in owning these wonderful birds.

Chickens have been the staple of any farm for as long as any of us can remember, and for good reason!  They are the go-to animal for so many uses, from eggs, to meat, to garden tending, bug control - you name it!  Even better, they will make you laugh at their antics throughout each day as well.

We specialize in all Heritage Breeds, for almost too many reasons to list here, but I'll give it a shot.  Heritage breeds are simply chicken breeds that have been around for a very long time, and for the most part are true to form of their ancestors.  In other words - we've left them alone to be the great chickens they've always been.  These breeds tend to be a lot more hardy than commercially bred chickens in every way, and many of them have not had the broodiness bred out of them, which means they will gladly set on their own eggs and raise their own chicks - which if you're busy like I am - is much appreciated and makes rearing your own chicks practically work-free!

Here's a short run-down of the great characteristics of the breeds we offer:

  • GREAT foraging characteristics, these breeds would prefer to be out in the yard, free-ranging, catching and finding their own meal...which means savings on feed for you in the summer!
  • GREAT pest management and control!  What are those chickens out pecking at all day?  BUGS!  It never ceases to amaze me how a chicken will stalk and eat even the tiniest little pest, even ticks!  They go nuts for mice too - that's right, they'll devour a rodent if given the chance, which means they're all around some of the best pest control money can buy in and around the barn!
  • Little to no combs/wattles on the breeds we have- which means in our harsh climate here in Northern WI they will not be susceptible to frostbite as the larger comb breeds are.
  • Broodiness!  If the idea of heat lamps, and chick housing etc. sounds like work then why not let momma hen do all the work for you?  Not only do you get to enjoy the show without the work/cost of heating chicks, but those chicks will be much more calm and hardy than manually hatched chicks.  We've found a MUCH higher survival rate in our hen-reared chicks as well.
  • Healthy!  Our Heritage chickens are in general extremely healthy birds that do not have issues as chicks or adults.  We also have selected breeds that won't peck each-other apart when housed for the winter months -anyone that's had a 'pecker' will certainly appreciate this trait!

There's so much more to list, but I'd be typing all day!  I am always happy to discuss our breeds and share the information I've learned over the many years I've owned chickens, so don't hesitate to contact me with your questions. :)   Browse the rest of the page for available breeds/breeding schedule - and if you're looking for a certain number of chicks or date for pickup please call or email and let us know, we have incubation capabilities and will hatch anytime from April to August each year.

Mottled Houdans:
A beautiful unique bird originating  from France, and brought to America in the late 1800's - this breed has a unique 5th toe, and regularly lays medium white eggs.   They're very docile in nature, with the hens being quite friendly.  The roosters are not aggressive and spot a very stately top 'mop' on their heads.  The girls have more of a pom-pom type hairpiece and both male and female are black and white mottled throughout. 

Auracaunas (Easter Eggers):
One of our favorites and most dependable egg layers is the Auracauna, also known as the "Easter Egger" for their fabulously colored eggs.  They come in every color of the rainbow - regardless of the hen or rooster's coloring.  They lay beautiful large green to puple-ish eggs, and my hens lay nearly every day all year round.  (You must supply 14 hours of light in the winter to achieve this.)  They're very hard birds, great foragers, and have little to no combs, and sport 'beards' which help keep them warm in the winter.  They have green legs, just like their eggs, and wonderful temperaments.  If socialized well they make great cuddly pets.  The photos below show just a couple of the possible colors they come in, they really are a 'rainbow' bird!

Salmon Faverolle:
This is one of my very first heritage breeds and certainly has to be my favorite because I've ended up with some wonderful pet Salmons!  Our big beautiful Rooster "Odie" pictured below and "Momma" are prime examples!  This is a beautiful breed, with the males being very differently feathered than the females.  They have a wonderfully sweet temperament, and lay beautiful big brown eggs very prolifically year round!  They make excellent mothers and regularly go broody if allowed to set.  They feature beautiful beards and lightly feathered legs and feet.  I recommend them for an all around great bird for eggs or just for cuddles and if you want to raise your own chicks, you can't do better than this breed!

Sultans are a gorgeous uniquely feathered white ornamental bird that are smaller in frame than standard breed types, and sweet as can be.  Roosters are extremely docile, and make as great a pet as a hen, rarely crow, and have very striking feathers.  Hens are super sweet, and have a very gentle voice. They do well in confinement or free range if secured from predators, but can be bullied by more aggressive standard breeds because they are so sweet-tempered. They were originally bred in Turkey and were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. Both sexes have head crested feathers, feathered muff, feathered beard, feathered shanks and a fifth toe.

We offer several different types of these awesome fluffy chickens!  These are the ultimate in cuddly sweet-tempered pet chickens and family farm birds.  I haven't had a cochin yet that didn't love to be picked up and carried around, and they do indeed lay big beautiful brown eggs from time to time, definitely not as prolific as other breeds, but they are some of my most broody chickens and will happily sit on any chickens eggs and rear them as their own.  Males are stunning, just as fluffy as the girls but with beautiful tail plumage to boot - and they are not aggressive like other types of roosters, they even take it easy on the ladies and hardly crow.  Hens are just a mass of fluffy feathers from head to toe, and sweet as can be.  We currently offer Black, Blue, and Partridge Cochins, but will be adding Buff, White, and Golden Laced this year as well.

Photos in order are of our Black Cochins, Blue Cochins, and Partridge Cochins.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Heritage Chickens!

Silver Spangled German Spitzhaubens, Appenzheller Spitzhaubens, and Golden Alppenzeller Spitzhauben:
I first started with this breed as an 'ornamental' just for fun, but have found them to be some of my best white egg layers!  To add to my pleasant surprise the hens also tend to be some of my most friendly and sweet chickens in the flock.  So it's not surprising I've chosen to keep them and breed them, and have fallen in love with their hilarious antics.  The females sport a kind of foo-foo pom on their heads, that they flit around as they go about their business and will turn their heads sideways inquisitively when looking up at you.  They're some of the first birds to greet me at feeding time, and I have many that love to be picked up and have their "hair" mussed or be carried around the yard.  They lay medium to large sized white eggs, and they lay nearly every day throughout the year.  The males are striking and feature a prominent 'mohawk' and a very stately tall tail.  The hens will go broody if allowed and make very good mothers. 

Below are pictured in order as chicks, hens, and roosters of each breed:  Silver Spangled German Spitzhauben, Appenzheller Spitzhauben, and Golden Appenzeller Spitzhauben.

Russian Orloff:
These are a wonderful and critically endangered breed of chicken listed in the Livestock Conservancy, and we hope to help bring awareness to them and provide quality breeding stock to help bring this beautiful breed back.  They are a funny chicken, very talkative, with a manner one would describe as comical.  They feature beautiful speckled brown and white plumage, a stately beard, and walk more upright than other chickens. They regularly lay large brown eggs, and will go broody if given the chance.  We have many of them that are very friendly and love to be picked up and held.  We hope you will include this breed in your flock, and help keep them around for future generations to enjoy!

It's All Good Farm

Polish Top Hats:
Sporting some of the wildest hair-dos in the chicken world are the Polish Top Hat Breeds.  They are beyond fun to look at, have personalities to match their style, and lay white eggs regularly to boot!  We offer three different breeds of Top hats, each with their own unique look.  They are an extremely friendly bird, are more than happy to hang around you as you work outside or get picked up and carried around.  The females have a big pom-pom style feather crown, whereas the males have a more 'long haired' pom 'do.  Roosters are not aggressive at all, and have a mild-mannered crow.  Hens will go broody if given the chance and make excellent mothers.

Pictured in order are White Polish, Golden Laced Polish, and White Crested Black Polish.