American Blackbelly & Katahdin Hair Sheep

Our sweet little  American Blackbelly "Scarlet" as a lamb

Our 2.5 year old American Blackbelly ram, "Arnold"

"Mary" is a beautiful Katahdin/American Blackbelly cross ewe, with her new lamb for 2017 "Licorice"

Hair breed advantage:  She had that luxurious coat of wool to keep her warm all winter, and in spring she will shed it off with no help from us!

One of our best Katahdin Ewes "Molly" and her twins from fall 2016.  "Chocolate" and "Vanilla"

All that wool will just shed off come spring!

We've had so many people tell us that they'd love to have sheep but they don't want to deal with having to shear them every year. 

Hair sheep are the answer!

Both breeds we offer - American Blackbelly and Katahdin shed their thick winter coats each year!  These smaller-type of sheep are such easy keepers, they have high parasite resistance, are hardy, and breed , birth and grow with ease.  They also make great additions to your flock to cross with other sheep breeds in order to improve shedding qualities.

For anyone interested in meat, they produce lean and tasty finished carcasses within 8 months, and are prolific breeders - averaging twins or more with every birth.

Our sheep are handled from birth, and socialized to make the best additions to any hobby farm, for 4H projects, or just for a fun to watch and play with as a pet.  Our Katahdin sheep are naturally polled, so there's no horns to worry about, and our American Blackbelly ewes are available with horns, or naturally polled as well.

We breed purebred American Blackbelly, Katahdin, and crosses of the two.  Lambs are available spring, summer, and fall depending on our breeding schedule.  We will list any lambs available for sale on this page, and you can reserve a lamb by emailing or calling us at 715-701-0713 or

We ask for a $100 deposit to hold a lamb or for first choice on upcoming ewes.

2017 Prices for unregistered weaned Lambs:

**Sold out for Spring 2017 lambing - will have lambs available again in August/September, taking reservations now.

American Blackbelly:    Ewe Lamb $175    Ram Lamb $100

Pet weathers (neutered boys) upon request with full deposit: $75

Katahdin:   Ewe Lamb: $150    Ram Lamb: $100

Pet weathers (neutered boys) upon request with full deposit: $75

*All sheep will be weaned, halter trained, and have all vet work done prior to going to their new homes.

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