It's All Good Farm

"It's All Good" has been a long process in the making.  In 1999 I owned my first small farm in the mountains of Tennessee where I raised chickens, Muscovy ducks, and veggies.  From there life took many twists and turns and after moving to Antigo in 2012 I returned to the life I loved and began to raise chickens and create a lavish raised-bed garden with an emphasis on heirlooms and heritage
breeds and a desire to provide others
with the delicious rewards that came
from our backyard.
After building and moving to our new
homestead in 2015, we added many
new critters and expanded to provide
all of the goods you see here on our

site                                                       (Just hatched chick 2014)

The farm is run in it's entriety by myself and my two children, it's a lot of work but it's a labor of love!  Please visit our rescue page for info on that portion of our farm as well. :)

What you eat makes all the difference in your health.  Where it comes from and how it's produced should matter just as much.  With modern industrialized agriculture seeking to turn every aspect of farming into a factory-like machine the importance of going back to basics becomes greater and greater.

Nature is pretty good at figuring out what works and what doesn't, and around here we believe that working with nature instead of against it is the key to producing healthy, sustainable goods for now and for the future.

Because of this we use ZERO pesticides unless they're naturally derived or organically approved...we go further to make sure they are also bee friendly because even some natural insecticides can harm pollinators.

We weed the old-fashioned way, by hand.  True, the way we do things takes more time and is more labor intensive, but the end result is truly worth the extra effort.

We firmly believe in the humane treatment of livestock.  Animals that are treated well will produce well, and even if an animal is to be eaten in the end (which we never have the heart to do!) - there is no reason it can't live a happy natural life from start to finish.  We're proud of the fact that all of our animals here are quite spoiled.

We couldn't be more non-GMO if we tried!  All of our livestock are heritage breeds, our produce is open-pollination heirlooms, and everything we feed our animals is grown by us, so we know only good is going in, so only good can come out.  That's why "It's All Good" around here! 

What makes "It all Good"?

How it all got started