It's All Good Farm

Please check our Livestock page for available breeds, and our Produce page beginning each spring for available fresh veggies for pick-up or delivery.

All of the pictures on our site are of our own livestock and farm.

  • It truly matters where your food comes from, for your health, for our ecosystem, and for the animals that are providing for you. 
  • All of our plants and animals are grown organically, no chemicals, no antibiotics, no medicated feed, and certainly non-GMO.
  • Our animals are very humanely treated, and we've chosen all heritage breeds which are allowed to grow at natures intended pace, always with fresh air and plenty of room to roam, we care about their happiness.
  • Our produce is heirloom, open pollination, and grown in sustainable raised bed systems.  This allows very important soil microbes and systems to remain intact they are never tilled.
  • We let our stock raise their own babies as much as possible, which makes for much happier animals from the start.  We breed first and foremost for temperament, even our big Highland cattle are tame as can be.
  • Our entire farm is completely off-grid, so all of our produce and livestock are produced using clean energy!

We are members of the Livestock Conservancy, American Highland Cattle Association, American Kune Kune Pig Society, and the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association, and offer quality registered stock.

Meet The Critters

Why "It's All Good" here!

Providing the best for you and your family

We pride ourselves on our supremely humane treatment of all our animals.  Around here everyone has a name, and regardless of  their purpose they all lead happy healthy free range lives eating all the things they should and none of the 'filler foods' they shouldn't.